Spring/Summer 2021 styling tips!

Spring/Summer 2021 styling tips!

Better babes, let’s not forget the one reason most women fear the British heat… the dreaded ‘chub-rub’!

We’ve worked hard to develop our anti-chafing shorts to say goodbye to thigh chafing and hello exposed legs. You should be able to wear what you want no matter what heat you’re in. Favourite dress? Cute skirt? Wear them with our anti-chafers and problem solved!
We have a variety of colours available, so if you’re worried of them peeking through, make sure it’s a colour match and it’s a fashionable extra layer… like I said, we’ve got you covered!

The Black shorts are a go-to for everyday wear, under a black dress or skirt for work. Though our bold colours like Pink or Turquoise were made for a stand-out outfit. Leave a little colour peeking out, and you’ll be catching everyone’s eye in all the tight ways!

Well, that’s it for now. We hope this has helped inspire a fabulous post lockdown Spring/Summer look…

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Team Better x


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