Our Story

better is here to champion inclusivity, diversity and freedom. Freedom to wear whatever you want, whenever you want. You deserve better. Get to know our story.

Tights for Every Body

better tights are not petite, plus-size or tall tights. They are tights for everybody and every body. We see no need to marginalise those who already are made to feel ‘separate’ due to what can sometimes be damaging terminology, particularly often seen within the fashion industry. better tights are for anyone who wants to wear them, regardless of age, gender, size or shape.

Above all, we are here to champion inclusivity, diversity and freedom. Freedom to wear whatever you want, whenever you want. We’re here to let you know that we hear you, and we see you. This may all sound a little bit much coming from a brand that makes tights, but it’s truly important to us. We’re passionate about using our expertise to responsibly create inclusive, fashion-forward products that enable everyone to express themselves, however they see fit.

And we really don’t think that’s much to ask of the entire fashion industry, either. Hopefully, bit by bit, we can all make a difference... and it seems to be working! Boots are now stocking our tights from a size 16 to 34. We're proud to be the supplier of this size range to a new market of customers who might struggle finding tights on the high street. 

One Size Does Not Fit All

It took us a while to get where we are now, but only because we wanted to give our future customers the absolute best. It started with one simple thought: people deserve better when it comes to hosiery. One size does not fit all. Every human body is beautifully unique, and to try and pigeon hole people into believing they can only wear “petite” or “plus-size”, or making them feel unworthy for not fitting into that “one-size” label is just not good enough. We can do better than that. We need to.

‘Normal’ tights were failing bodies time and time again with “one-size” hosiery that snagged, pilled, sagged, dug in - and then to top it off, the product quality rapidly deteriorated as the tights were washed and worn. We became aware that a lot of brands seemed to be relying on this fact so that people would simply just buy some more tights.

This isn’t right. It makes customers feel at fault for not being the “right” height or the “right” shape for a piece of clothing that is meant to do one simple thing: fit to someone’s body.


The Science of better Tights 🔬🧪

With all this in mind, we created better. We knew, however, that we first needed to get the product right. We don’t want to be the biggest tights company out there, just the best at what we do. We set ourselves the mission of always being an affordable, attainable and aspirational hosiery brand that continue to add value to our customers' lives. After trialling and testing lots of different ways to produce inclusive, diverse tights that were both ergonomic and fashion-forward, we finally found the perfect formula.

It was when we discovered a ‘3D knitting’ technique that we knew we’d cracked it. By crafting our tights in this way, it allows our materials to stretch in all different directions - not just lengthways and widthways - but every way. A 360-degree stretch means that these tights can now adapt and adjust to every shape and size, no matter what. By crafting the tights in this way, it’s far easier for our products to stretch and recover, avoiding dreaded baggy ankles and - we’ve all been there - saggy gussets. Initially, better tights often look very small, but their flexible design is all about offering superior elasticity, meaning that they stretch dramatically and then recover right away.

We noticed that too many tights were being manufactured in bulk with very little thought put behind how these would actually work on different body types. Our design, materials and manufacturing techniques mean that our tights fit well everywhere, regardless of body shape. Our dream is for the tights to feel like a second skin, and this new formula has helped us to realise it.

Instead of a lazy, bog-standard “one-size-fits-all” label, better tights now come in lots of different sizes, just like any other item of clothing. Our tights’ height, width and waistband now have flexibility and variety.

All of the Above, Responsibly 

We produce our tights as sustainably as we possibly can. Our 3D knitting technique results in a longer-lasting pair of tights that is more environmentally friendly (if there is less need for a new pair of tights, there’s less waste).

The textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world, and we don’t want to contribute to that. We have specially selected factories involved in the production process that are all eco-friendly, solar-powered factories who even utilise recycled water. Our factories in the UK and Italy use machines that have an incredibly long life span and we ensure that we consistently review our processes to ensure we’re keeping our carbon footprint small.

All the factories we use to produce our products are also ‘Oeke-Tex’ certified, meaning all of our products are put through rigorous testing to ensure consumer safety.