Making better Tights, Responsibly
Did you know that the textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world? Surveys show that nearly five per cent of all landfill space is consumed by textile waste, and 20 per cent of all freshwater pollution is made by textile treatment and dyeing. When starting better, we made a promise that we wouldn’t contribute any more to that. With this in mind, we produce our tights as sustainably as we possibly can.
We don’t just want to make better tights, we want to be better people, too.
Not only are we passionate about you, we’re passionate about the world you live in, too. We understand that creating any sort of product needs to be done as sustainably and ethically as possible, which is why we always talk about making tights responsibly. It would be hypocritical of us to champion inclusivity and diversity, yet ignore the increasingly worrying state of our planet and the importance of ethical, sustainable practices.
The better tights 3D knitting technique used to achieve our 360-degree ergonomic stretch means that we create higher quality, longer-lasting pairs of tights that reduce the need for the wearer to frequently discard ripped or ill-fitting tights. It’s hard to believe that a company who makes tights wants you to buy less, but we do. The last thing we want is more clothing dumped into landfill.
We have chosen to work in factories that are all eco-friendly, solar-powered and that utilise recycled water wherever possible. Our factory, at the heart of the hosiery industry in Hinckley, UK, uses efficient machines that have an incredibly long life span and we ensure that we consistently review our processes, including product transportation, to ensure we’re keeping our carbon footprint as small as we can. We’re not saying we’re absolutely perfect, but we’re working really hard to try and get there when it comes to reducing our impact on the ever-increasing climate emergency.
All of the factories we use in Italy to produce our products are also ‘Oeke-Tex’ certified, meaning all of our products are put through rigorous testing to ensure consumer safety. All of our factories guarantee a safe, supportive and enjoyable working environment for everyone involved in the creation of better tights. Without these individuals, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. They keep everything running smoothly, are masters of their craft and make sure that everyone gets their better tights on time - no snags involved. 
As well as our sustainable production processes, we have ensured that all of our packaging is recyclable and from sustainable sources. This helps us to ensure that we are making packaging that utilises materials from ethical and recycled sources. Although better than plastic, cardboard waste still makes up over 31 per cent of landfills, so we urge that you put it to good use when you’re finished with it. A lot of our team strongly encourage using the paper used in all of our packaging for compost - apparently it works a treat!