The way we craft our hosiery ensures that our tights fit seamlessly to your form, without the need to constantly hoist them up, have any seams that dig into you or worry about laddering on the first wear.
Our inclusive range of hosiery is made for people of every shape and size - something which is totally dependent on our unique 360-degree stretch technology. The way we craft our tights ensures that they fit seamlessly to your form, without the need to constantly hoist them up, have any seams that dig into you or worry about laddering on the first wear.
The tights you are used to seeing on the high street can vary in length, but not by width. This is something that really confused us. We felt that the hosiery industry was failing to provide people with a very simple thing: tights that didn’t disappoint. We thought that surely there was, well, a better way to make tights?
There was, and we did it - which is exactly the reason why better tights come in many different sizes (just like any other item clothing) and so their height, width and waistband varies. To put it simply, this just means that we’ve ensured that better tights really do fit everyone. If you want to know your better size, you can Find your Fit or view our simple size chart here.
Behind the Seams
There are four key areas we focus on when crafting better tights: comfort, adaptability, durability and sustainability. No matter what the style or denier, these factors are always taken into account. We believe that tights should be comfortable, acknowledge the diversity of the human body and be of the best quality possible while still being affordable.
The way we sew seams into our tights is particularly important to us. We noticed that too many tights were being made en masse with very little thought behind how these would work ergonomically. So, instead of choosing to go with traditional seams, we developed a way to create flat seams - meaning there was no more uncomfortable digging into the bits that make you, you.
We also ensured that our tights fit well across the bum and tum, meaning that there is more room to breathe, move and play. We wanted our tights to feel like a second skin, and our flat seams, comfortable waistbands and all-round stretchability help us achieve just that.
We use a 3D knitting technique, which enables our tights to stretch and recover every time they are worn, avoiding bagginess and sagginess. When first opened, better tights often look on the small side, but they stretch dramatically and then recover right away - meaning that no matter how tall or small you are, these tights will adapt to your shape. Our 3D knitting technology also makes better tights super soft, so there’s no need to worry about that dreaded tight-itch. We produce our tights as sustainably as possible; using the 3D knitting technique results in a longer-lasting pair of tights that is more environmentally friendly. Less need for a new pair of tights = less clothing waste.
Our manufacturing process is under constant review, meaning that any customer feedback is taken into account as we constantly evolve our products in our mission to make the best tights you’ve ever worn. So please, tell us what you think - and be honest. We can take it.