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Pride 2022 Collection

In celebration of pride 2022, we've introduced 2 new prints to the range for this month only. At better we're all about being yourself, and to show our support to pride month, each pair of pride tights we sell we're donating £1 to the LGBT foundation! In case you're unsure, here's a bit about them to show how incredible this foundation is: LGBT Foundation provide a wide range of support services to lesbian, gay, bi and trans people. We also work with healthcare and other professionals to help make public services more accessible and inclusive for LGBT communities.

Make sure you're pride ready with our Rainbows and Multicoloured flowers, printed on our brand new 50 denier Duck Egg and Soft Pink bases 🌈

We understand our Better customers want to receive their new prints as soon as possible, though please note each pride tight is printed to order so it may take up to a week for your order to be dispatched. But we'll try our absolute best to try and get them out sooner! 

These are available to purchase with any of our current products and are still included in our multi buy discounts.