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Better x Wilde Mode

In collaboration with Wilde Mode, we bring you Better Mode tights and socks that are for EVERY body!

  • Ultra Silky Smooth and Soft to the Touch
  • Flat Seams means no digging in 
  • Gender Free design
  • 3D Printed Technologies mean 360 Stretch for ALL bodies
  • No baggy ankles or saggy gussets
  • High-Quality Oeko-Tex fabric

  • All Better Tights are manufactured in Italy; factories that are all eco-friendly, solar-powered and that utilise recycled water wherever possible
  • All of their factories guarantee a safe, supportive and enjoyable working environment for everyone involved in the creation of better tights
  • All tights and socks are then hand-printed in England, UK

Check out the Wilde Mode website for additional styles...

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